Battery and BX power management

Standard Smartbox configuration includes EMM probe which is designed for measuring of surrounding environment. It monitors temperature, air pressure, humidity and other environmental conditions affecting cargo during a shipment.The probe has an advanced intelligent function called BX power management that controls battery consumption.

GPS tracker as a part of the Smartbox has the highest power consumption. Power management function turns the GPS tracker off into a sleeping mode and turns back on only at specified time intervals or when transport preset values (temperature, light level, transport route etc.) controlled by probe are exceeded. This unique technical feature extends an operational life of the unit up to 3 years.

Ukázkový graf kapacity baterie při používání SmartBoxu
Illustrative example: EMM probe is turning on a GPS tracker every 24 hours. Upon turning on, GPS tracker is transmitting data collected by the EMM probe in the last 24 hours together with the current GPS position. Then EMM probe is turning a GPS tracker off again. If preset limits are not exceeded during a transport, GPS tracker is turning back on again after 24 hours. This power management setting ensures that SmartBox battery capacity is about 68% after a year of operation.