What is SmartBox

SmartBox includes GPS tracker, EMX probe and external sensorsall in a small magnetic waterproof box. SmartBox measures surrounding environment (temperature, humidity, air pressure, light level, 3D orientation and impacts) and also monitors GPS location of transport. When developing SmartBox our main focus was to make it easy use. That is why SmartBox can be easily fastened to a transport so that it can’t get lost and can be charged just by placing into a docking station.

  • Připraveno k okamžitému použití

  • Výdrž baterie až 3 roky
  • Snadné dobíjení v nabíjecí stanici

  • Voděodolnost

  • Připevnění magnety k nákladu

  • Připevnění popruhy k nákladu

  • Real-time GPS sledování

  • Kontrola trasy transportu

  • Upozornění při překročení určených limitů při přepravě

  • Měření okolní teploty

  • Měření okolní vlhkosti

  • Měření tlaku vzduchu

  • Měření úrovně osvětlení

  • Monitorování náklonu a 3D orientace

  • Monitorování přetížení

  • Kontrola pádů

Technical parameters


Dimensions: 95x144x33 mm (+2mm magnet)
Weight: 436g
Battery capacity: 12Ah
When using intelligent BX power management, battery life is up to 3 years.

GPS tracker GL300W

GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Battery and GSM signal indicator
Motion sensor
Internal GPS a GSM antenna

EMX probe

Temperature (-20°C ~ +60°C, tol.: 0.1 °C)
Relative humidity (0 ~100 %, tol.: 1%)
Atmospheric pressure (50 ~ 115 kPa; tol.: 0.2 kPa)
Light levels (1lx ~ 50000lx; 256 levels)
Tilt and 3D orientation (0° ~ 180°; tol.: 1°)
G-forces (-8 ~ 8 G; tol.: 0.1 G)
Impact / Free-fall counter (continuous sampling at 400 Hz)

Smart solution

When developing SmartBox we wanted to make it easy to use. The SmartBox can be easily attached to a transport so that it cannot be lost / stolen and is easy to charge by placing into the charging cradle.

Two strong magnets for steadfast deployment

SmartBox has two strong magnets placed on the bottom of the case which makes attachment to any ferrous metal surface a snap– for example placing onto a vehicle frame or a shipping container.

Strap slots for attachment

SmartBox has two slots on each side so it can be easily strapped to most anything.

Charging cradle

Charge SmartBox easily by placing it into charging cradle. The charging cradle is equipped with spring loaded gold-plated contacts ensuring perfect contact when charging. No need to disassemble when charging.

Environment monitoring

Internal temperature
External PT100
Relative humidity
Atmospheric pressure
Light levels
Tilt and 3D orientation
Impact / Free-fall counter